Restauring an old bike is a lot of work, of sweat, of pain… And taking pictures of the job done is a tribute to the artist who gave a second life to the old engine… We use external lights to show sharp details of the bikes, to create dynamic pictures with a lot of contrast to reinforce the perfect beauty of the old chromes… A professional photographer will give a specific ambiance depending of the bike: You’re not shooting Scramblers the same way than Harley-Davidsons. Some cafe-racers built on Vincent, Norton or Triumph street bikes needs to be shown in an urban environment. All the pictures will show details of wheels, suspensions and brakes, enhance the painting on the tank, the chromes on the engines… Professional pictures will help you show the world the quality of your work and the power of your passion!

Sharp professional pictures will show all the details of vintage motorcycle restaurations!

Gallery Cars

Car photography is a world apart, and always a great experience. You need to play with the light to enhance the body curves. You need good lenses to show all the details. Convertible or pickups, woodies or muscle cars, everyone keeps in his mind the memory of a unique car to drive downtown or on the Pacific Coast highway. Our pictures will show your car with the best angle so you’ll ever enjoy contemplate their perfection. Catalogs, posters, websites, we can shoot your dream car for any kind of communication!


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