Portrait photography works better when people actually trust you. Working with famous athletes and CEOs of the sport industry is challenging. But when it’s the time to shoot family portraits, the pressure is not lower. No matter who you are, we always deliver the best pictures! Portrait photography follows some rules. Most of the time, it’s better if the subject avoid looking directly to the camera. It looks more natural this way! Some days, the natural light can be awesome and why not using it? But more often, the use of additional lights give sharper shots, with more details and a dramatic atmosphere. The background needs to be as blur or dark as possible, so the portrait will be focused more on the subject himself. Each portrait is different and shall tell a story. It’s only when everything is in place that you get a good picture. Portrait is the most serious kind of photography. Don’t use your smartphone to shoot bad pictures, use it to call a professional photographer!

The best portrait shall expose your fame to the world. Professional photography is the solution!



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